That impractical wish

You'd have to know me

I guess you'd have to know me
(that impractical wish)
to know what I don't write
Can you quote a poem in a poem?
Lines 1-3 are Matt's
It's an absurd wish
But Strauss's case is compelling
That they all did it:
Spinoza was an atheist
The Prince was shitting on monarchy
Plato might be the worst offender
etc etc...
You have to know them, to know them
If you have to be told everything, do not read me -- J.J Rousseau
What I cannot express, I point to with my finger.
But if you have a penetrating mind
These little tracks will serve the rest to find -- Montaigne
Does this happen today?
Or is nothing hidden anymore?
If an actor doesn't talk about equality
When they win an Oscar
Something feels off
It's what they don't say
The strategy is simple
But an impractical wish:
Study their time, place, culture, and peers
Maybe it's easier, the closer you are
Let's figure out Tyler
On social issues, he's suspiciously quiet
Because who would want to identify with the dark web
Where safe spaces are now treasured
The irony
But Clair and Jordan guest on Conversations
To paraphrase a Q for Jordan:
Let’s say one is of the view that men and women are different
but one still recognizes discrimination against women...

Ha ha, Tyler
You thought he was reasonable
Jordan does not play along
The answer hangs
Reasonableness is isolating
A follow up question can't come
Damn it Jordan
It was going so well
You dig in too deep
Until you are wrong
What could you possibly be leaving out
That impractical wish
Where is the podcast
Where they start with a dose of LSD
Hop out of their narratives
And watch a millipede
Where are we
That could be the name
Spotify exclusive
Apparently a good thing
Just 10 libra a month
A parody of myself
Is the most fun to write